This website is for internal use only by Team Primary Care members. Please do not share this link with any external parties until its public launch in March 2024.


Hybrid Teams  

A resource on how to balance and effectively support the success of on-site and remote employees working in hybrid teams.

Have THAT Talk (For Workplaces)  

A web page with a series of videos and worksheets on the 13 psychosocial factors defined in the National Standard...

Have THAT Talk (About Substance Use Health) 

A web-based video (and worksheet) that addresses substance use and shows how to help a friend or colleague living with...

Thank you for your interest in the Psychological Health and Safety Toolkit for Primary Care Teams and Training Programs (PH&S Toolkit)!


Your input is invaluable to help us revise the publicly available PH&S Toolkit to be launched in March 2024.

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